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Updated: February 21, 2024.

Our water comes from two main sources: underground water (wells or aquifers) and surface water (rivers, lakes, streams.) These water sources are loaded with many chemicals and living organisms. Naturally occurring and man-made chemicals make their way into our water sources. Some of these water contaminants are harmless, while others cause serious problems.

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The infrastructure of municipal water is simple. Water is pumped from the sources into treatment plants, where water is processed and disinfected. From the treatment plants, water is delivered to homes and buildings for residential and commercial use. However, pre-treated municipal water is still loaded with small amounts of many contaminants. The amount of water contaminants meets government regulations (EPA), and is therefore considered “safe” to consume. Nevertheless, small amounts of water contaminants can still be harmful. Therefore, if you want the purest water at your home or business, it must be treated again.

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There are two major types of water treatment processes; water filtration and water softening. Water filters effectively remove many harmful contaminants from the water. Some common water contaminants include Chlorine (and its by-products), Arsenic, Bacteria, Hydrogen Sulfide, Heavy Metals, Nitrates, Radon, Iron, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC.) These are all toxic chemicals that are typically removed by water filters. Additionally, water filters remove bad smells & tastes from water, giving that fresh water feel and look.

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The most common water filtering technologies include activated carbon, kinetic degradation fluxion, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet. Some water filters use only of these methods, while other filters combine all technologies. There is a large variety of water filters to accommodate different needs. You can treat your water for contaminants at the kitchen sink or the entire household supply. Common Water filter products include under sink, counter top, shower, whole house, water bottle and pitcher. There are even larger water filters used for commercial and industrial applications. Maintenance of water filters requires scheduled replacements of filter cartridges. The price of water filters varies widely, ranging from as little as $50.00 to well over several thousand dollars.

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Water softeners reduce the hardness of water. Hard water has high levels of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Water hardness can leaves solid deposits, and also prevents soap and detergents from working properly. Hard water not only damages anything it used on, but it also creates the need to use much more soap. Water softening is a very important treatment process, and it’s essential that you find out about the hardness levels in your water. A typical water softener connects directly to the main water line, and comes with two tanks (mineral tank and brine tank.) A water softener requires the period replacement of salt, which is the main ingredient in the treatment process.

So feel free to browse around for a large selection of water treatment products. You are guaranteed to find the right product for your individual water treatment needs. Choose from a wide selection of top water filter brands such as Crystal Quest, Paragon, Aquasana, and more. You may also want to pick up some water test kits, to check the quality of your water and to make sure that your water filter is working properly.

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